Military Museum of Southern New England M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

Military Museum of Southern New England Photos

Centurion Battle Tank
Locust Light Tank
M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
M36 Tank Destroyer
M42 Duster Light Tank
M47 Patton Tank
M48A1 Medium Tank
M551 Sheridan Light Tank
M60 Main Battle Tank
MBT-70 Main Battle Tank

M2A1 Halftrack Lynx (Luchs) Armored Personell Carrier
M40A1 Recoilless Rifle Daimler Ferret Armored Car
M8 Light Armored Car Locust Light Tank


Anti Aircraft Gun Chinese 37mm
JS Joseph Stalin Main Gun
M101A1 Howitzer 105mm
M108 Self Propelled Howitzer
M110A1 8 Inch Self Propelled Howitzer
M114 155mm Howitzer
M1 57mm Anti Tank Gun
M3A1 37mm Anti Tank Gun
M5 3 Inch Anti Tank Gun
Mule Recoilless Rifle Gun Carriage
Recoilless Rifle 106mm M40A1
US Five Inch Anti Aircraft Gun

Wheeled Vehicles

Clarktor 6 Airport Tug
Corbitt 50 SD6 Cargo Truck
Daimler Ferret Armored Car
Fiat Topolino Staff Car
Hotchkiss SP1A Reconnaissance Vehicle
Lynx Armored Amphibious Reconnaissance Vehicle
M20 Armored Utility Car
M2A1 Halftrack
M656 8X8 5 Ton Carrier
M8 Light Armored Car
Soviet BA64 Light Armored Car

Fiat Topolino Staff Car M101A1 155mm Howitzer
Indoor Exhibits Schutzenpanzer SPZ12

Armored Personnel Carriers

German Schutzenpanzer SPZ12 APC
Hotchkiss SP1A Reconnaissance Vehicle
M116 Husky Amphibious Cargo Carrier
PBV302 Armored Personnel Carrier
Soviet BMP1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
SPZ421 Cargo Carrier
SPZ Observation
M578 Armored Wrecker Recovery Vehicle

Indoor Exhibits

Military Museum of Southern New England Website

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Military Museum of Southern New England Photos

The Military Museum of Southern New England is located in Danbury, Connecticut.

The Military Museum of Southern New England is somewhat modest in size, yet they pack a lot of tanks, armored personnel carriers, utility truck and other armored and unarmored vehicles on to the museum grounds. Outside are a mix of well restored tanks, wheeled vehicles and a halftrack as well as other vehicles in various stages of restoration. Several are operational and used in parades. There were some photos of the M110A1 eight inch self propelled howitzer running in a parade in Danbury in one of the links from the museum's website. All of the indoor vehicles are in running condition. Some are quite unique like the MBT-70 Main Battle Tank or the Soviet Joseph Stalin Tank main gun. Indoors are several very well done dioramas. An M8 Armored Car and M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer face you as soon as you step into the exhibit area. Both vehicles are restored to a very high standard. To the left is a WWI trench recreation, complete with bunker and wounded soldier, and beyond that a Vietnam era 105mm Howitzer with gun crew and surrounding jungle foliage. A rare Locust Light tank cleverly rolls out of a representation of a glider, and a very well done Fiat Topolino Staff Car in German Army markings is right across the way in a Mediterranean environment. Two other dioramas appear at the end of the indoor exhibit, both representing US Mountain Troops in winter environments. A number of artifacts, small arms, and other light weapons are displayed in glass cases along the short tour route.

I arrived on a particularly quiet weekday and there was only one staff member manning the ticket counter. It is a self tour museum, although if you hit it on a weekend there would probably be more staff on hand to answer questions.

The Military Museum of Southern New England is located in Danbury, CT not far from I-84 and 684. They have a modest gift shop but no food on site. Ask the staff for a recommendation if you want to get lunch after your tour.

For hours and directions be sure to visit the Military Museum of Southern New England's website. Take the time and make a trip down there. The restored vehicles are very well done and some of the indoor exhibits are quite interesting as well. Better yet, if you're in the area give them a call and ask how you can volunteer your help. They have a number of vehicles awaiting restoration and every hand they get will help them reach that goal. You could also get some hands on time on some very rare tanks and armored vehicles.

Another military museum within about an hour's drive from the Military Museum of Southern New England is the West Point Museum in West Point , New York. It's not large but they do have a number of historically significant small arms, swords and armor, as well as a WWI Tank and an atomic bomb casing of the Fat Man Nagasaki bomb series. Both museums could be easily visited in one day.