Military Museum Of Southern New England - Daimler Ferret Armored Car
Bill Maloney

01DaimlerFerretArmoredCar 02DaimlerFerretArmoredCar 03DaimlerFerretSmokeGenerat 04DaimlerFerretDriversHatch
01 Daimler Ferret Armored Car 02 Daimler Ferret Armored Car 03 Daimler Ferret Smoke Generator 04 Daimler Ferret Driver's Hatch
05DaimlerFerretHeadlamp 06DaimlerFerretWheel 07DaimlerFerretSpareWheel 08DaimlerFerretRearDeck
05 Daimler Ferret Headlamp 06 Daimler Ferret Wheel 07 Daimler Ferret Spare Wheel 08 Daimler Ferret Rear Deck
09DaimlerFerretRearView 10DaimlerFerretRearView 11DaimlerFerretArmoredCar  
09 Daimler Ferret Rear View 10 Daimler Ferret Rear View 11 Daimler Ferret Armored Car

Daimler Ferret Armored Car Specifications:

More Daimler Ferret Armored Cars at other military museums in the northeast
Daimler Ferret Armored Car Daimler Ferret
Another Daimler Ferret Armored Car can be found at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA Daimler Ferret at the Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum in Smethport, PA
  Daimler Ferret
  UN Daimler Ferret at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Length: 12 feet 7 inches
6 feet, 3 inches
6 feet, 2 inches
4.1 Tons
Max Speed: 60mph
Range: 190 miles
Armor: .6 inches
Powerplant: Rolls-Royce BBB60 Mk 6A 6 cylinder water cooled gas engine 129lhp
Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons
 One 7.62mm Machine Gun
 Six Smoke Grenade Launchers
Entered Service: 1952
Unit Cost: $

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