Military Museum Of Southern New England - M36 Gun Motor Carriage Tank Destroyer
Bill Maloney

01M36TankDestroyer 02M36TankDestroyer 03M36TankDestroyerTracks 04M36TurretCounterweight
01 M36 Tank Destroyer 02 M36 Tank Destroyer 03 M36 Tank Destroyer Tracks 04 M36 Turret Counterweight
05M36Turret 06M36TurretRoof 07M36TankDestroyerTracks 08M36DriveSprocket
05 M36 Turret 06 M36 Turret Roof 07 M36 Tank Destroyer Tracks 08 M36 Drive Sprocket
09M36TankDestroyerSuspensio 10M36TankDestroyerMainGun 11M36TankDestroyer 12M36MotorGunCarriage
09 M36 Tank Destroyer Suspension 10 M36 Tank Destroyer Main Gun 11 M36 Tank Destroyer 12 M36 Motor Gun Carriage

M36 Gun Motor Carriage Tank Destroyer Specifications:

Length: 20 feet 2 inches
10 feet 0 inches
8 feet 11 inches
31 tons
Max Speed: 30mph
Range: 150 miles
Armor: 1.97" Frontal
Powerplant: Ford GAA V8 water cooled gas engine 500hp
Fuel Capacity: 165 gallons
90mm M3 Main Gun
Browning 50cal M2 Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1944
Unit Cost: $

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