Military Museum Of Southern New England -Main Battle Tank
Bill Maloney

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01CenturionMainBattleTank 02CenturionTankRearDeck 03CenturionTankCargoBasket 04CenturionMainBattleTank
01 Centurion MainBattleTank 02 Centurion TankRearDeck 03 Centurion Tank Cargo Basket 04 Centurion Main Battle Tank
05CenturionTankFrontSprocke 06CenturionTankDriversHatch 07CenturionTankDriversPeris 08CenturionGunMantlet
05 Centurion Tank Front Sprocket 06 Centurion Tank Driver's Hatch 07 Centurion Tank Driver's Periscope 08 Centurion Gun Mantlet
09CenturionSmokeGenerators 10CenturionHullFront 11CenturionSmokeGenerators 12CenturionTankMainGun
09 Centurion Smoke Generators 10 Centurion Hull Front 11 Centurion Smoke Generators 12 Centurion Tank Main Gun
13CenturionTankDriveSprocke 14CenturionRecoveryCable 15CenturionCommandersCopula 16CenturionTankRearDeck
13 Centurion Tank Drive Sprocket 14 Centurion Recovery Cable 15 Centurion Commander's Copula 16 Centurion Tank Rear Deck

Centurion Main Battle Tank Specifications:

Length: 32 feet, 4 inches
11 feet, 1 inch
9 feet, 10 inches
57 Tons
Max Speed: 21mph
Range: 118 miles
Armor: Steel - 152mm Hull frontal
Powerplant: Rolls Royce Meteor Mk II V-12 water cooled gas engine 650hp
Fuel Capacity: 275 gallons
 20pdr Main Gun
 One 7.62mm Browning coax Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1945
Unit Cost: $

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