Military Museum Of Southern New England - Lynx (Luchs) Armored Amphibious Reconnaissance Vehicle
Bill Maloney

01LynxArmoredReconnaissanceVehicle 02LynxARVPropeller 03LynxARVRearView 04LynxArmoredReconnaissance
01 Lynx Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle 02 Lynx ARV Propeller 03 Lynx ARV Rear View 04 Lynx Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
05LynxArmoredReconnaissance 06LynxARVRearView 07LynxARVRoadwheel 07LynxARVSideHatch
05 Lynx Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle 06 Lynx ARV Rear View 07 Lynx ARV Roadwheel 07 Lynx ARV Side Hatch
08LynxARVTurret 09LynxARVSplashPlate 10LynxARVTurret  
08 Lynx ARV Turret 09 Lynx ARV Splash Plate 10 Lynx ARV Turret

Lynx (Luchs) Armored Amphibious Reconnaissance Vehicle Specifications:

Length: 25 feet 5 inches
9 feet, 9 inches
9 feet, 4 inches
4 Commander, Gunner Front Drive, & Rear Driver. It can be driven at full speed in either direction
21 Tons
Max Speed: 56mph land / 3.5mph water
Range: 325 miles
Armor: 9mm frontal
Powerplant: Daimler Benz 10cyl multi fuel engine 290hp
Fuel Capacity: gallons
 One Rheinmetall Mk 20 20mm cannon
 One 7.62mm Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1973
Unit Cost: $

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