Military Museum Of Southern New England - M-108 105mm Self Propelled Howitzer
Bill Maloney

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01M108SelfPropelledHowitzer 02M108SelfPropelledHowitzer 03M108HowitzerBarrel 04M108ExhaustPort
01 M108 Self Propelled Howitzer 02 M108 Self Propelled Howitzer 03 M108 Howitzer Barrel 04 M108 Exhaust Port
05M108FumeExtractor 06M108GunMantlet 07M108SideHatch 08M108SelfPropelledHowitzer
05 M108 Fume Extractor 06 M108 Gun Mantlet 07 M108 Side Hatch 08 M108 Self Propelled Howitzer
09M108HowitzerBreech 10M108HowitzerTurretInterio 11M108HowitzerAmmoRacks 12M108ManualTraverseWheel
09 M108 Howitzer Breech 10 M108 Howitzer Turret Interior 11 M108 Howitzer Ammo Racks 12 M108 Manual Traverse Wheel
13M108HowitzerAmmoRacks 14M108HowitzerAmmoRacks 15M108RearDoors 16M108SelfPropelledHowitzer
13 M108 Howitzer Ammo Racks 14 M108 Howitzer Ammo Racks 15 M108 Rear Doors 16 M108 Self Propelled Howitzer

M108 105mm Self Propelled Gun Specifications:

M108 105mm Self Propelled Gun
Another M108 105mm Self Propelled Gun can be found at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA

Length: 20 feet 1 inches
10 feet 10 inches
10 feet 2 inches
24.7 tons
Max Speed: 35mph
Range: 240 miles
Armor: Classified
Powerplant: Detroit Diesel 8V-71T 8cyl Water Cooled Engine 405hp
Fuel Capacity: 280 gallons
105mm Howitzer
Browning 50cal M2 Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1963
Unit Cost: $

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