Aviation & Military Museums Directory
Messerschmitt BF 109G at the Canadian Aviation Museum
Destroyer Escort USS Slater
Battleship USS New Jersey War Museum
Canadian War Museum
John Holland's Submarine Fenian Ram at the Paterson Museum
PT Boat PT 614 at the Battleship Cove Naval Museum, Fall River MA
Higgins PT Boat PT 796 at the Battlehip Cove Naval Museum in Fall River, MA
Canada Aviation Museum 2006
Destroyer DD-850 USS Joseph P. Kennedy
Submarine USS Lionfish SS-298
Soviet Missile Corvette Hiddensee
Battleship USS Massachusetts BB-59
Battleship Cove Naval Museum
BocksCar Boeing B-29 Superfortress at the US Air Force Museum WWII Air Power Gallery
Boeing B-52 Stratofortress at the US Air Force Museum Modern Flight Gallery
Submarine USS Nautilus SS-571
Japanese Type A Submarine
B-2 Stealth Bomber at the US Air Force Museum Cold War Gallery
Fokker Dr. I Triplane at the US Air Force Museum's Early Years Gallery
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress at the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH
German Fokker DrI Triplane at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
German WWI Fokker D VII Biplane
Panzer Mk V Panther at the US Army Ordinance Museum, Aberdeen Proving Ground
Destroyer USS Barry DD-933 at the US Navy Museum in Washington DC
AAF American Armored Foundation Tank Museum
Me 262 at the DVHAA Museum
Itelligent Whale Submarine
US Navy Museum
Fort Ticonderoga Musuem
Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey, Teterboro
Mid Atlantic Air Museum B-25
Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum
Air Mobility Command Museum
American Helicopter Museum
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Air Victory Museum
American Air Power Museum
Military Museum of Southern New England
USS Salem
EASM Empire State Aerosciences Museum
New England Air Museum
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
Floyd Bennett Field
West Point Military Museum
Quonset Air Museum
Vintage Wings of Canada
1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum
National Soaring Museum
Canadian Air and Space Museum
Wright Museum
Vermont Military Museum
USS The Sullivans
USS Little Rock
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force Museum
USS Albacore Museum
USS Croaker Submarine Museum
Buffalo And Erie Naval and Military Park
MAPS Air Museum
Diefenbunker Museum
Wings of Eagles Discovery Center Aviation Museum
Patton Museum
Pennsylvania Military Museum
USS Requin
Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum
Eldred WWII Museum
Air Heritage Museum
Piper Aviation Museum
Watervliet Arsenal Museum
USS Becuna
Third Cavalry Museum
Fort Dix Army Reserve Mobilization Museum
Maginot Line Museum
USS Ling Submarine
USS Manchester

This page is a listing of Aviation, Naval, and Military Museums in the northeast US and Canada (and now one in France). I started work on it a fewf years back when I was getting my father's photos from his time on a Destroyer Escort in WWII online. Once I got his photos up on the web, I felt I had to pay a visit to the ship where he used to do volunteer work which was the same type on which he served in WWII, the Destroyer Escort USS Slater in Albany, NY.

After doing the USS Slater pages I did some more searching and I was astonished to find John Holland's first and second submarines #1 and the Fenian Ram just a few miles away from me in Paterson, NJ. I had no idea it existed and was so close. There really was no good central listing of military museums so I figured I'd just start this for those with an interest in naval, aviation, and military technology and history, as well as the sacrifices our fathers and grandfathers made to help preserve our way of life. I hope these pages pique your interest in these museums and the history and veterans they represent and honor. And I hope you visit and support them. If you are local to one of these museums, offer to volunteer. Of course they need your donations but they can use the manpower as well.

Below is a directory of each military, naval, or aviation museum's location listed by state and their websites:






New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

New York:



Rhode Island:




Washington, DC: