USS Manchester
Bill Maloney

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Littoral Combat Ship USS Manchester LCS 14

The USS Manchester is an Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship. The Manchester's specifications are:

Length: 418'
Beam: 104'
Mast Height : 100'
Crew: 13 Officers 59 Enlisted
Displacement: 3,450 metric tons
Max Speed: 45kts
Range: Surface - 4,300 knots at 18kts
Fuel Capacity: 100 Metric Tons
1 Bofors Mark 110 Mod 0 57mm gun, 220 rounds/min
6 Machine Gun Mounts - M2 .50 BMG or M240HB 7.62 Machine Guns
1 Raytheon SeaRAM Weapon System anti missile and anti aircraft missile system
Aircraft: 2 MH-60 Seahawk Helicopters or 4 MQ-8B Fire Scout drones

Power Plant:
2 MTU Friedrichshaven 8,000 Main Propulsion Diesel Engines, 12,400 HP each
2 GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Engines 33,600 HP each
4 Wartsila Steerable Reversible Waterjets
Omni directional Retractable Bow Thruster

Launching Date: May 12, 2016

The USS Manchester is not a museum ship, but has been open for tours at ports of call early in its service.


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