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Eldred World War II Museum

The Eldred WWII Museum is located in Eldred, PA

I discovered the Eldred World War II Museum quite by accident. I was searching for the Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum and when asking directions from the locals I kept getting directed to the Eldred Museum, which I didn't know about at the time. I did eventually find the Allegheny Museum which was closed. I still had some time on my hands that day and made my way to Eldred which was only a few miles away. What a pleasant surprise it was.

The Eldred World War II Museum is different from other military museums I've visited in that exhibits are mostly WWII specific and is focused more on telling the story of the war as opposed to only displaying exhibits with a small sign by each. It is an outstanding museum for anyone who wishes to learn more about the history of WWII. The museum is also a memorial to the mostly women who worked in the National Munitions Company in Eldred that supplied mortar shells, grenades, and bomb fuses for the war effort.

The Eldred WWII Museum's exterior has been very cleverly decorated. A real M551 Sheridan US Army Tank has been cut in half at an angle and attached to the outside of the museum. Bricks have been cleverly blacked out to make it appear that the Sheridan Tank is crashing through the wall of the building. A window is painted on the wall to look like a woman looking out in horror. It is very well done, and shows how detailed and creative the museum's staff and volunteers are.

Medal of Honor recipient and Pennsylvania native Mitchell Paige is honored with an entire room dedicated to the story of his life and his actions at Henderson Field on Guadalcanal in October of 1942. The actions of Mitchell Paige and 33 of his men held off 3,000 Japanese soldiers attacking Henderson Field and Mitchell Paige was awarded the Medal Of Honor for his efforts.

The museum has a good selection of small arms, with several US Semiautomatic Rifles, Japanese and Soviet bolt action rifles, and the groundbreaking German WWII Sturmgewher 44 assault rifle, whom many feel was the inspiration for the AK-47 assault rifle

The staff and volunteers at the Eldred World War II Museum have done an excellent job of telling the history of WWII using dioramas, placards, photos, and artifacts from the war and the WWII period. A great deal of thought and care has gone into telling the stories and displaying the exhibits and their efforts show. The staff is quite proud of their museum and deservedly so.

There is no food on site but you can get a sandwich within walking distance of the museum. Parking is free and close, and the museum is handicap accessible.

Visit the Eldred World War II Museum Website for more information.

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