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Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey Museum in Teterboro, NJ

The Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey Museum is located adjacent to Teterboro Airport in Teterboro, NJ about 10 miles west of NYC.

This museum is sort of a hidden gem as although some of my aviation friends had heard of it none had paid it a visit. The most impressive exhibit is the Martin 202 airliner that sits behind the museum. The wings are off and it needs some cosmetic work but the interior is pretty much still intact. You can climb into the airliner and walk the length of the fuselage. The Bell AH-1 Cobra Gunship Helicopter was a neat surprise, and they also had a Bell H-13 Helicopter along with a MASH tent, which when I was there in February of 08 was closed for renovations. A Grumman OV1A Mohawk was in the process of being restored out back. A Sikorsky HH-52 Coast Guard helicopter and a rare Lockheed 402 single engine utility aircraft sit out front.

A piece of internal framework from the German Zeppelin Hindenberg is on display inside along with a very impressive Hindenberg model. I think my favorite exhibit was the Wright Tornado 42 cylinder water cooled radial engine with 7 banks of cylinders surrounding the crankshaft with 6 pistons on each bank. The Tornado is a monster which really pushed the limits of piston aircraft engine design. The Glidemobile Hovercraft is very neat and restored to a very high standard, and made in New Jersey (most of the exhibits have artifacts related to NJ or designed by people from NJ). I got a good laugh out of the Pepsi Zero G soda can for use on space flights. I wished they had more information on how it worked.

The centerpiece of the museum is the Aviation Hall of Fame, which has plaques honoring people who had made contributions in the field of aviation. Most if not all had some connection to New Jersey. Take the time to read through the plaques. You'll be surprised at how many significant people in aviation came from New Jersey (I sure was!).

Upstairs you'll find an airplane mockup which kids can climb into, an exhibit honoring Women In Aviation, Barnstormers, Arthur Godfrey (really!) and an aviation research library.

The staff have done a nice job of arranging their indoor exhibits and the engine restorations are absolutely first class. They were also working hard on the Mohawk and that and the MASH tent should be ready for display by summer of 08.

The Aviation Hall Of Fame of New Jersey Museum is not a large museum, but they've got some very interesting pieces and being in Teterboro New Jersey it's easy to get to for anyone in the tri state area that has a set of wheels. Check the Museum's Website for hours and directions.