Shit Happens
Bill Maloney

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EMTs At Work EMTs At Work EMTs At Work EMTs At Work Crapper Carnage
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Crapper Carnage Oily Side Up Potty Inspection Topsy Turdy When Good Outhouses Go Bad
11GoodVentilation 12IsThereAWitchUnderThere 13TwoSeatsNoWaiting 14SeatsHaveBeenKnockedOff 15TheDriverMustHaveHadToGoBad
Good Ventilation Is There A Witch Under There? Two Seats No Waiting Seats Have Been Knocked Off The Driver Must Have Had To Go Bad

One day while visiting my brother's place on Lake Umbagog in northern NH this summer I headed into Errol past the public boat launch to get groceries and gas. While filling up I noticed the Errol fire department's 1960's era fire truck starting up and going back the way I came as fast as it could go. I paid my bill and headed back, and as I approached the public boat launch there was the fire truck with its lights flashing at the side of the road. Across the road, where the public outhouse used to be, laid a flipped over Nissan and the remains of the outhouse knocked over on its side. Aparently some kids in the Nissan lost control approaching the boat launch area, flipped over, and slid off the road through a tree and took out the outhouse. No one was inside, but there was a woman walking towards it when the crash occured. The timing couldn't have been better. Fortunately the driver was fine but shaken and the passengers sustained only cuts and bruises. But they'll never live that one down.


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