Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - North American Canadair Sabre 6
Bill Maloney

01NorthAmericanCanadairSabre6 02NorthAmericanCanadairSabre6 03NorthAmericanCanadairSabre6 04CanadairSabreMainGear
01 North American Canadair Sabre 6 02 North American Canadair Sabre 6 03 North American Canadair Sabre 6 04 Canadair Sabre Main Gear
05CanadairSabreMainGear 06CanadairSabreNoseGear 07CanadairSabreTail 08CanadairSabreLeadingEdgeSlat
05 Canadair Sabre Main Gear 06 Canadair Sabre Nose Gear 07 Canadair Sabre Tail 08 Canadair Sabre Leading Edge Slat
09CanadairSabreDropTank 10CanadairSabreFuselage 10CanadairSabreSpeedBrake 11NorthAmericanCanadairSabre
09 Canadair Sabre Drop Tank 10 Canadair Sabre Fuselage 10 Canadair Sabre Speed Brake 11 North American Canadair Sabre
12NorthAmericanCanadairSabre 13NorthAmericanCanadairSabre    
12 North American Canadair Sabre 13 North American Canadair Sabre

Canadair Sabre 6 Specifications:

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Length: 37 feet 1 inches
37 feet, 1 inch
14 feet, 8 inches
Empty 13,800 lbs Loaded - 13,700 lbs
Max Speed: 606 mph
Cruise Speed: 500 mph
Range: 1,200 miles
Service Ceiling: 49,600 feet
Fuel Capacity: 435 gallons internal 400 gallons external
Powerplant: Avro Canada Orenda 14 Turbojet Engine 7,275lbs thrust
  Six 50cal Browning Machine Guns
First Flight : May 20, 1948
Cost: $178,000

Here's a Canadair Sabre Youtube Video showing a Hawk One Canadair Sabre at an airshow. Her's anotherYoutube Canadair Sabre Video of a Golden Hawks Sabre at this very airport.

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