Aviation Hall of Fame, Teterboro, NJ - Lockheed L-402 Prototype
Bill Maloney

01LockheedL402 02LockheedL402 03LockheedL402
01 Lockheed L-402 Bushmaster 02 Lockheed L-402 03 Lockheed L-402

Lockheed L-402 Bushmaster Prototype Specifications:

Length: 28 feet 1 inches
39 feet, 4 inches
10 feet, 10 inches
1 + 5
Empty 2,400 lbs Loaded - 4,400 lbs
Max Speed: 167 mph
Cruise Speed: 105 mph
Range: 550 miles
Service Ceiling: 13,000 feet
Powerplant: Continental TSIO-470-B 6cyl Air Cooled Gas Engine 260hp
First Flight : 1959
Cost: $

According to the AOPA Accident Database there were two other Lockheed L-402s that suffered crashes:

N3380G - Crashed in a forced landing in Idaho due to low fuel resulting in minor injuries and major wing damage in 2003.
N3381G - Crashed after takeoff in Texas carrying sky divers as the aircraft turned out of a 20-25kt headwind. This was a fatal crash and the registration number is no longer in use.

One other Lockheed L-402 Bushmaster Registration number N1605 is still on the registration books in the state of Kentucky.

Lockheed did not put the aircraft into full production as they felt it would be unprofitable to produce in the US at that time and licensed the design to Aeromacchi of Italy who produced it as the AL-60B and AL-60B.

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