Aviation Hall of Fame, Teterboro, NJ - Curtis Wright Dehmel Flight Duplicator
Bill Maloney

01DehmelFlightDuplicator 02DehmelFlightDuplicator 03DehmelInterior 04DehmelDataPlaque
01 Dehmel Flight Duplicator 02 Dehmel Flight Duplicator 03 Dehmel Interior 04 Dehmel Data Plaque
05DehmelHistoryPlaque 06DehmelFlightDuplicator 07DehmelFlightDuplicator 08DehmelInstructorsSeat
05 Dehmel History Plaque 06 Dehmel Flight Duplicator 07 Dehmel Flight Duplicator 08 Dehmel Instructor's Seat
09DehmelInstructorsControls 10DehmelInstructorsControls 11DehmelInstructorsControls 12DehmelInstructorsControls
09 Dehmel Instructors Controls 10 Dehmel Instructors Controls 11 Dehmel Instructor's Controls 12 Dehmel Instructor's Controls
13 Dehmel Flight Data Recorder

Dehmel Flight Trainer/Simulator Specifications:

Dehmel Flight Duplicator/Simulator Dehmel Flight Duplicator
Another Dehmel Flight Duplicator can be found at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA A Dehmel Flight Duplicator at the Wings of Eagles Museum in Horseheads, NY

Inventor: Richard Dehmel, Ph. D. 1904-1992
Curtiss Wright
Cost Savings:
60% - Based on Pan Am's abilty to reduce in flight training from 21 hrs per crew to 8 hours per crew.
January 10, 1950
Production Start:
Number Built : 1,948
Cockpit Layout : B-25J
Cost: $

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