Sweet Dream folded mahogany plywood canoe
Bill Maloney

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01StitchHull 02StitchHull 03ClassEnd 04GlassCenterSeam 05GlassChine
Stitching the hull at WoodenBoat School The hull before the rails are installed and the seams filled with epoxy and filler At the end of class. The basic shells are ready... for lots more work The center seam of the hull with a strip of reinforcing fiberglass  The chine has been glassed, now epoxy has been squeegeed into the fabric to smooth it out
06GlassBottom 07GlassedHull 08WithHardware 09BowUnsculpted 10BowSculpted
The hull has been glassed below the waterline The hull glassed and with epoxy squeegeed into the weave The seating hardware installed Bow rails prior to sculpting After sculpting the bow
11Seat 12Interior 13PrimedInterior 14PrimedInterior 15PrimedInterior
Cane seat Interior. the center bottom has an extra sheet of plywood for strength Interior primed Interior primed for color Varnished Rail

I built my Sweet Dream Canoe in a class up at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine. If you're interested in building one yourself, you can order the book (which I have and is very good) and a DVD ( which I don' t have) from The Boat Shop. It really is a nice paddling canoe (and it's FAST!), and I get compliments whenever anyone sees it.


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