The Presidentials Rail Trail, Gorham, NH
Bill Maloney

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Trail View On The Trail On A Bridge Tunnel Of Foliage Bridge Ahead
06ArrowStraight 07TrailBridge 08NHFoliage 09BridgeView 10FallFoliage
Arrow Straight Trail Bridge NH Foliage Bridge View Fall Foliage
11FallFoliage 12LowesGas 13GorhamBridge 14GorhamBridge 15GorhamBridgeViewNorth
Fall Foliage Lowe's Gas Gorham Bridge Gorham Bridge Gorham Bridge View North

The Presidentials Rail Trail can be accessed in Goreham, NH. Take Rt. 2W from Rt 16 for about a half mile and there is a trailhead parking lot on the right. The trail continues about 2 miles to the right (east) and crosses the bridge in Gorham. Going left it continues past Jefferson for I don't know how far. I rode it 13 miles west and hadn't reached Jefferson. For the first 3 miles or so there is a gentle upgrade as you ride alongside the river. It flattens out afterwards and passes through forest and beaver ponds and stream crossings. It's a gorgeous trail, little used and the locals know very little about it. In some areas the trail was pockmarked with horse hooves and moose tracks and got fairly bumpy. In the 29 miles I rode I saw 2 other bikers, and they were from Illinois.

A bridge about 10 miles from the trailhead. A great place to stop for lunch.



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