Wings of Eagles Museum - Pratt Read XLNE-1 Sailplane
Bill Maloney

01PrattReadXLNE1Sailplane 02PrattReadXLNE1Sailplane 03PrattReadXLNE1Glider 04PrattReadXLNE1Glider
01 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Sailplane 02 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Sailplane 03 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Glider 04 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Glider
05PrattReadXLNE1Glider 06PrattReadXLNE1Tail 07PrattReadXLNE1Nose 08PrattReadXLNE1LandingWheel
05 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Glider 06 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Tail 07 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Nose 08 Pratt Read XLNE-1 Landing Wheel

Pratt Read XLNE-1 Sailplane Specifications:

Pratt Read LNE-1 Sailplane
Another Pratt Read LNE-1 Sailplane at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT

Length: feet inches
54 feet, 9 inches
feet, inches
1 + 1
Empty - 293lbs
Tow Speed: mph
Glide Speed: 52mph
Glide Ratio : 26
First Flight : 1942
Cost: $

In 1952 Larry Edgar and Harold Klieforth set the absolute altitude soaring record for multi place sailplanes of 44,255ft in a Pratt Read LNE-1 Sailplane.

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