Wings of Eagles Museum - Aircraft Engines
Bill Maloney

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01FranklinO8052 02FranklinO8052 03HispanoSuizaV8 04HispanoSuizaV8
01 Franklin O-805-2 02 Franklin O-805-2 03 Hispano Suiza V8 04 Hispano Suiza V8
05HispanoSuiza18Sb 06HispanoSuiza18Sb 07WrightJ5WhirlwindRadialEngine 08JunkersJumo004BTurbojetEngine
05 Hispano Suiza 18Sb 06 Hispano Suiza 18Sb 07 Wright J5 Whirlwind Radial Engine 08 Junkers Jumo 004B Turbojet Engine
09JunkersJumo004BTurbojetEngine 10JunkersJumo004BCompressorBlades 11JunkersJumo004BCombustionChamber 12JunkersJumo004BCompressorBleedAirPort
09 Junkers Jumo 004B Turbojet Engine 10 Junkers Jumo 004B Compressor Blades 11 Junkers Jumo 004B Combustion Chamber 12 Junkers Jumo 004B Compressor Bleed Air Port
13JunkersJumo004BCompressorBlades 14JunkersJumo004BCompressorSection 15ReidelStarter 16RiedelStarter
13 Junkers Jumo 004B Compressor Blades 14 Junkers Jumo 004B Compressor Section 15 Reidel Starter 16 Riedel Starter

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