Submarine USS Nautilus Museum - Swimmer Delivery Vehicle SDV
Bill Maloney

01SwimmerDeliveryVehicle 02SwimmerDeliveryVehicleSDV 03SDVTailSection 04SDVMinisub
01 Swimmer Delivery Vehicle 02 Swimmer Delivery Vehicle SDV 03 SDV Tail Section 04 SDV Minisub
05 SDV Minisub Tail

Swimmer Delivery Vehicle SDV

The Swimmer Delivery Vehicle. Unfortunately I'm having a tough time coming up with any details on this minisub. Derek Bell of the Historic Ship Nautilus Museum gave me more background on it. The Swimmer Delivery Vehicle would have been used by Special Operations Teams (SEALs - Sea Air Land) for Underwater Demolition work. There missions are usually classified. It would have been carried in a water tight compartment in a larger mother sub to within range of the target of the mission. It provides the divers more speed, range and ordinance carrying capacity than by swimming to the target.

Length: 13 feet approx (I should have brought a tape measure <sigh>)
Beam: 6 feet approx
Height: 3 feet approx
Draught: N/A
Crew: 4 (a guess based on the open space under the plexiglas panels)
Max Speed: 6 knots (a guess)
Range: N/A
Fuel Capacity:
Diving Depth: N/A
Armament: None
Power Plant: Multi battery cells driving 2 propellers via 2 electric motors individually
Launching Date: N/A

Another Swimmer Delivery Vehicle can be found at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA

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