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Bill Maloney

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01NikeMissile 02NikeMissile 03NikeMissile 04StabilizerFins
01 Nike Missile 02 Nike Missile 03 Nike Missile 04 Stabilizer Fins
05StabilizerFin 06NikeMissileTailFins 07RocketMotorAccessPanel 08NikeMissileControlSurface
05 Stabilizer Fin 06 Nike Missile Tail Fins 07 Rocket Motor Access Panel 08 Nike Missile Control Surface
09NikeMissileTail 10NikeMissileControlSurface 11HighSpeedControlSurfaces 12NikeMissile
09 Nike Missile Tail 10 Nike Missile Control Surface 11 High Speed Control Surfaces 12 Nike Missile
13AuxilaryPowerSupplyAccessPanel 14NikeMissileNoseCone 15NikeMissileNoseCone 16NikeMissile
13 Auxilary Power Supply Access Panel 14 Nike Missile Nose Cone 15 Nike Missile Nose Cone 16 Nike Missile

Nike Missile Specifications:

Nike Missiles at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
Nike Missile Nike Missile
Nike Missile at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA Nike Missile at the American Air Power Museum in Farmingdale, NY
Nike Hercules Missile Nike Missile
A Nike Hercules missile at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, NY Nike Missile at the US Army Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen, MD

Length: 41 Feet
11 Feet 5 inches
Speed: 2,730mph
Range: 86 miles
 1,000lb HE Fragmentation Warhead or up to 42 Kiloton Yield Nuclear Warhead. High explosive warheads would have been used against single bombers. Nuclear warheads would have been used against multiple bombers.
Entered Service: 1958
Unit Cost: $55,000

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