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Bill Maloney

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Nike Hercules Missile Specifications:

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Nike Missile Nike Missile
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Nike Hercules Missile Nike Missile
Nike Hercules Missile at the Quonset Air Museum in North Kingston, RI Nike Missile at the US Army Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen, MD

Length: 41 Feet
11 Feet 5 inches
Speed: 2,730mph
Range: 86 miles
  Nuclear warhead of up to 42 Kiloton Yield. The Nike Ajax missiles with High explosive warheads would have been used against single bombers. the Nike Hercules with Nuclear warheads would have been used against multiple bombers.
Entered Service: 1958
Unit Cost: $55,000 in 1958. It is not clear if this figure was just for the missile or if it included the nuclear warhead.

Neal Pritchett of Wisconsin has an excellent page on Nike Missile launch sites and their deployment:


There's an excellent diagram of the tracking and deployment of Nike Missiles against enemy Soviet bombers. Also Neal has photos of the remains of a Nike Missile base in Waukesha Wisconsin. Some of the buildings and radar platforms are still intact and of course the concrete launch pads are still in place.

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