Quonset Air Museum - DeHavilland Vampire
Bill Maloney

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01DeHavillandVampire 02DeHavillandVampireCanopy 03ExternalPowerPanel 04VampireJetIntake
01 De Havilland Vampire 02 De Havilland Vampire Canopy 03 External Power Panel 04 Vampire Jet Intake
05VampireNoseGear 06VampireNoseGear 07VampireMainGear 08DeHavillandVampireGunPort
05 Vampire Nose Gear 06 Vampire Nose Gear 07 Vampire Main Gear 08 De Havilland Vampire Gun Port
09DeHavillandVampireCanopy 10VampireSpeedBrake 11DeHavillandVampire 12DeHavillandVampireTail
09 De Havilland Vampire Canopy 10 Vampire Speed Brake 11 De Havilland Vampire 12 De Havilland Vampire Tail
13DeHavillandVampireTail 14DeHavillandVampireTail 15DeHavillandVampireTailBoom 16DeHavillandVampireFlaps
13 De Havilland Vampire Tail 14 De Havilland Vampire Tail 15 De Havilland Vampire Tail Boom 16 De Havilland Vampire Flaps

De Havilland Vampire Specifications:

DeHavilland Vampires at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
DeHavilland Vampire Jet Fighter DeHavilland Vampire
DeHavilland Vampire jet fighter at the Canadia Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada A DeHavilland Vampire jet fighter at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada

Length: 30 feet, 9 inches
38 feet
8 feet, 10 inches
Empty -7,200lbs Max Takeoff - 12,400lbs
Max Speed: 570mph
Cruise Speed: ?mph
Range: 1,200 miles
Service Ceiling: 42,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 242 gallons internally
Powerplant: De Havilland Goblin 3 centrifugal turbojet 3,300lbs thrust
 Two 20mm cannon
 Eight 3" Rockets
 Two 5 00lb bombs or two drop tanks
First Flight : 1943
Cost: $

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