Patton Museum - WWI British Mk V* Heavy Tank
Bill Maloney

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01WWIBritishMkVTank 02WWIBritishMkVTank 03WWIBritishMkVHeavyTank 04WWIBritishMkVHeavyTank
01 WWI British Mk V* Tank 02 WWI British Mk V Tank 03 WWI British Mk V Heavy Tank 04 WWI British Mk V Heavy Tank
05MkVTankRearMachineGun 06HotchkissMachineGun 07MkVTankRearMachineGun 08MkVTankSponson
05 Mk V Tank Rear Machine Gun 06 Hotchkiss Machine Gun 07 Mk V Tank Rear Machine Gun 08 Mk V Tank Sponson
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09 WWI British Mk V* Tank Diorama 10 WWI British Mk V Tank Tracks 11 Mk V* Tank Interior 12 Mk V Tank Interior
13MkVTankInterior 14MkVTankInterior 15MkVTankInterior 16Ricardo6cylEngine
13 Mk V Tank Interior 14 Mk V Tank Interior 15 Mk V Tank Interior 16 Ricardo 6cyl Engine

British WWI Mark V* Heavy Tank Specifications:

WWI British Mk IV Tank
A WWI British Mk IV Female Tank at the US Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, MD

Length: 26 feet, 5 inches
11 feet, 7 inches
7 feet, 7 inches
32 Tons
Max Speed: 5mph
Range: 45 miles
Armor: .57 " Frontal
Powerplant: Ricardo 6 cyl water cooled gas engine 150hp
Fuel Capacity: 92 Gallons
 Two Hotchkiss 6pdr/57mm Rifled Guns in side sponson mounts
 Eight Hotchkiss .303cal light machine guns in ball mounts front, sides, and rear.
Entered Service: 1918
Unit Cost: $

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