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Bill Maloney

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01MK IVFemale 02MK IVFemaleRearView 02MK IVFemaleSponson 03MK IVFemaleRearView
01 WWI MK IV Female Tank 02 MK IV Female Tank Rear View 02 WWI MK IV Female Tank Sponson 03 MK IV Female Rear View
04MK IVFemaleRearView 05MK IVFemaleTransmission 06MK IVFemaleGearshift 06MK IVFemaleInteriorFront
04 MK IV Female Tank Rear View 05 MK IV Female Transmission 06 MK IV Female Gearshift 06 MK IV Female Interior Front
07MK IVFemaleEngine 08MK IVFemaleAmmoStorage 09MK IVFemaleCeiling 10MK IVFemaleTrackTensionAdju
07 MK IV Female Engine 08 MK IV Female Ammo Storage 09 MK IV Female Ceiling 10 WWI MK IV Female Tank Track Tension Adjuster

British WWI Mark IV Female Tank Specifications:

WWI British Mk V Heavy Tank
A WWI British Mk V Heavy Tank at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY

Length: 32 feet, 6 inches
13 feet, 9 inches
7 feet, 11 inches
28 Tons
Max Speed: 3.7mph
Range: 22 miles
Armor: .47 " Frontal
Powerplant: Daimler 6 cyl water cooled gas engine 150hp
Fuel Capacity:
 Two Hotchkiss .303 Machine Guns
Entered Service: 1917
Unit Cost: $

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