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Bill Maloney

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01M48A3PattonTank 02M48A3TankTurretRear 03M48A3TankCommandersCopula 04M48A3TankTurretRear
01 M48A3 Patton Tank 02 M48A3 Tank Turret Rear 03 M48A3 Tank CommandersCopula 04 M48A3 Tank Turret Rear
05M48A3PattonMuzzleBrake 06M48A3PattonTankTracks 07M48A3TankDriveSprocket 08M48A3TankIdlerWheels
05 M48A3 Patton Muzzle Brake 06 M48A3 Patton Tank Tracks 07 M48A3 Tank Drive Sprocket 08 M48A3 Tank Idler Wheels
09M48A3ClaymoreMine 10M48A3ClaymoreMine 11M48A3ClaymoreMine 12M48A3PattonTankTurret
09 M48A3 Claymore Mine 10 M48A3 Claymore Mine 11 M48A3 Claymore Mine 12 M48A3 Patton Tank Turret
13M48A3TankCommandersCopula 14M48A3ClaymoreMine 15M48A3ClaymoreMine 16M48A3TowHitch
13 M48A3 Tank Commanders Copula 14 M48A3 Claymore Mine 15 M48A3 Claymore Mine 16 M48A3 Tow Hitch

M48A3 Medium Tank Specifications:

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Length: 30 feet 6 inches
11 feet, 11 inches
10 feet, 1 inch
53 Tons
Max Speed: 30mph
Range: 310 miles
Armor: 4.7 inch frontal
Powerplant: One Continental AVDS-1790-2A Air cooled diesel 750hp
Fuel Capacity: 375 gallons
 One 90 M41 Rifled Gun
 One 7.62mm coax Machine Gun
 One 50 cal Machine Gun
Entered Service: July 1952
Unit Cost: $309,000

Interestingly this particular M48 Patton tank was used during the Vietnam war first by the US Army then by the Republic of Viet Nam army in 1971. In 1975 it was captured by the North Vietnam's military. In 1995 it was purchased privately from North Vietnam by a US buyer who shipped it to the US and then donated the tank to the Patton Museum.

I'm not certain, but I believe this Youtube video of M48 Patton tanks on the move is South Korean Army footage. Here's a nice clear segment of an M48 Patton doing a drive by at a military vehicle show, possibly in Russia.

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