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Bill Maloney

01M48PattonMoved 02M48PattonMoved 03TankCarrierBlowsTire 04ManeuveringTheTankCarrier
01 M48 Patton Moved 02 M48 Patton Moved 03 Tank Carrier Blows Tire 04 Maneuvering The Tank Transporter
05ManeuveringTheTankCarrier 06M48PattonMoved 07ReplacingMovedSPGun 08ReplacingMovedSPGun
05 Maneuvering The Tank Transporter 06 M48 Patton Moved 07 Replacing Moved SP Gun 08 Replacing Moved SP Gun

M48 Patton Medium Tank Specifications:

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Length: 30 feet 6 inches
11 feet, 11 inches
10 feet, 1 inch
53 Tons
Max Speed: 30mph
Range: 310 miles
Armor: 4.7 inch frontal
Powerplant: One Continental 12cyl Air Cooled Gasoline Engine 810hp
Fuel Capacity: 200 gallons
 One 90 M41 Rifled Gun
 One 7.62mm coax Machine Gun
 One 50 cal Machine Gun
Entered Service: July 1952
Unit Cost: $309,000

M48 Tank Transporter Tire that has just blown outThe day I visited the US Army Ordnance museum a crew with a tank transporter was moving/removing an M48 Patton tank. I happened to be there as they were trying to maneuver around the Lorraine Schlepper it caught the corner of its concrete pedestal. Each tire that met it bulged then made a loud bang and a whoosh!

I'm not certain, but I believe this Youtube video of M48 Patton tanks on the move is South Korean Army footage. Here's a nice clear segment of an M48 Patton doing a drive by at a military vehicle show, possibly in Russia.

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