Patton Museum - M26 Pershing Medium Tank
Bill Maloney

01M26PershingMediumTank 02M26PershingMediumTank 03M26PershingMuzzleBrake 04M26PershingTankTurret
01 M26 Pershing Medium Tank 02 M26 Pershing Medium Tank 03 M26 Pershing Muzzle Brake 04 M26 Pershing Tank Turret
05M26PershingBowMachineGun 06M26PershingDrivingLamp 07M26PershingPeriscope 08M26PershingTankTracks
05 M26 Pershing Bow Machine Gun 06 M26 Pershing Driving Lamp 07 M26 Pershing Periscope 08 M26 Pershing Tank Tracks
09M26PershingDriveSprocket 10M26PershingBogieWheels 11M26PershingReturnIdlerWheel 12M26AmmoLoadingHatch
09 M26 Pershing Drive Sprocket 10 M26 Pershing Bogie Wheels 11 M26 Pershing Return Idler Wheel 12 M26 Ammo Loading Hatch
13 M26 Pershing Medium Tank

T26E3 M26 Pershing Tank Specifications:

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M46 Tank M26 Pershing Tank
An M26 Pershing Tank at the Fort Dix Army Reserve Mobilization Museum An M26 Pershing Tank at the Wright Museum in Wolfboro, NH

Length: 28 feet, 4 inches
11 feet, 6 inch
9 feet, 1 inches
46 Tons
Max Speed: 25 mph
Range: 100 miles
Armor: 4.33" Frontal
Powerplant: Ford GAF V8 Water Cooled Gas Engine 500hp
Fuel Capacity: 183 gallons
 90mm L/53 Gun M3, 70 Rounds, Muzzle Velocity 2,700fps
 One .30Cal Coax Machine Gun
 One .30Cal Bow Machine Gun
 One .50Cal Browning M2 Cupola Mounted Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1945

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