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Bill Maloney

01M46Tank 02M46Tank 03M46Tank 03M46TankTracks
01 M46 Tank 02 M46 Tank 03 M46 Tank 03 M46 Tank Tracks
04M46TankGunMantlet 05M46TankShellLoadingHatch 06M46TankTracks 07M46TankRearView
04 M46 Tank Gun Mantlet 05 M46 Tank Shell Loading Hatch 06 M46 Tank Tracks 07 M46 Tank Rear View
08 M46 Tank

M46 Tank Specifications:

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M26 Pershing Tank M26 Pershing Tank
An M26 Pershing Tank at the Wright Museum in Wolfboro, NH An M26 Pershing Tank at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY

Length: 27 feet, 10 inches
11 feet, 6 inch
10 feet, 5 inches
48 Tons
Max Speed: 30 mph
Range: 100 miles
Armor: 4.33" Frontal
Powerplant: Continental AV-1790- 5A V12 Turbocharged gasoline air cooled engine 810 hp
Fuel Capacity: 232 gallons
 90mm Gun M3A1, 70 Rounds, Muzzle Velocity 2,700fps
 One .30Cal Coax Machine Gun
 One .30Cal Bow Machine Gun
 One .50Cal Browning M2 Cupola Mounted Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1945

The M46 Tank is essentially an M26 Pershing Tank with an upgraded engine and transmission and a 90mm gun with a bore evacuator.


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