Empire State Aerosciences Museum - Hughes OH-6 Cayuse Helicopter
Bill Maloney

01HughesOH6CayuseHelicopter 02HughesOH6CayuseHelicopter 03HughesCayuseCockpit 04HughesCayuseRotorHub
01 Hughes OH6 Cayuse Helicopter 02 Hughes OH6 Cayuse Helicopter 03 Hughes Cayuse Cockpit 04 Hughes Cayuse Rotor Hub
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05 Hughes Cayuse Jet Exhaust 06 Hughes Cayuse Helicopter Tail

Hughes OH-6 Cayuse Helicopter Specifications:

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Cayuse Helicopter OH-6 Cayuse
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Fuselage Length: 23 feet 2 inches
Rotor Diameter:
26 feet 4 Inches
8 feet, 6 inches
Empty 1,200 lbs Loaded - 2,500 lbs
Max Speed: 172 mph
Cruise Speed: 150 mph
Range: 380 miles
Service Ceiling: 22,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 52 gallons
Powerplant: Allison T63-5A turboshaft 316 shaft hp
First Flight : 1965
Cost: $860,000

Here's a Youtube video of Hughes OH-6 Cayuse Helicopter from the cockpit and in the air. And some footage an OH-6 Helicopter at an airshow.

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