Canadian War Museum - Hitler's Mercedes Limousine
Bill Maloney

01 Adolph Hitler's Mercedes 770 Großer Limousine 02 Hitler's Mercedes 03 Hitler's Staff Car 04 Hitler's Mercedes 770 Großer Limousine
01 Hitler's Limousine Grille 02 Hitler's Mercedes 770 Grosser Limousine 03 Hitler's Limousine Bullet Proof Glass 04 Hitler's Limousine Side View
05HitlersStaffCar 06HitlersStaffCar 07HitlersStaffCar  
05 Hitler's Großer Mercedes Staff Car 06 Hitler's Staff Car 07 Hitler's Mercedes 770 Grosser Limousine

Hitler's Mercedes Limousine Specifications:

Adolph Hitler's Liliput Pistol Patton's Limousine
Adolph Hitler's Liliput Pistol which was discovered by an American Sergeant at war's end can be found at the West Point Military Museum in West Point, NY Another historic WWII vehicle, General Patton's Cadillac Limousine, can be found at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY. This is the very limousine in which Patton suffered the injuries in the car accident that paralyzed and ultimately killed him

Model: Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Series II W150 Cabriolet
20 feet 6 inches
155 inches
6 feet, 7 inches
5 feet, 2 inches
Up to 8
Max Speed: 105mph
Range: 415 miles
Armor: 0.2 inches Floor, 0.1 inches Doors
Bullet Proof Glass Thickness: 0.5 inches
Powerplant: Daimler 7.7 liter supercharged inline overhead valve eight cylinder gas engine 230hp
Fuel Capacity: 45 gallons
EPA Fuel Economy: 9.2mpg
 Compartments for 9mm pistols and non-kosher snacks in front and passenger compartments
Year Built : 1940
Builder: Daimler-Benz AG, Stuttgart, Germany
Unit Cost: $2,725 at US Army auction in Aberdeen, MD after the end of WWII
Donated to the museum: 1970

Originally this was thought to be Herman Goering's limousine. Further inspection of period photos of Adolph Hitler in a Mercedes Benz 770 Grosser Limousine, especially the triangular driving light setup, proved Hitler rode in this very Mercedes Limousine.


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