1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum - Macauley Cuby L-21
Bill Maloney

01PiperL21 02PiperL21 03PiperL21MainGear 04PiperL21TailWheel
01 Piper L-21 02 Piper L-21 03 Piper L-21 Main Gear 04 Piper L-21 Tail Wheel
05PiperL21Tail 06L21Canopy 07L21 08L21Cockpit
05 Piper L-21 Tail 06 L-21 Canopy 07 L-21 08 L-21 Cockpit
09L21FuelPlackard 10L21AileronControlRod 11PiperL21  
09 L-21 Fuel Plackard 10 L-21 Aileron Control Rod 11 Piper L-21

Macauley Cuby L-21 Replica Specifications:

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Length: 22 feet, 5 inches
35 feet, 3 inches
6 feet, 8 inches
Empty - 980lbs Max Takeoff - 1,700lbs
Max Speed: 117mph
Cruise Speed: 85mph
Range: 460 miles
Service Ceiling: 9,300 feet
Fuel Capacity: 36 gallons
Powerplant: Lycoming 0-320 air cooled four cylinder 150hp
First Flight : 1949
Cost: $4,295

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