2014 Unique Photo 2 River 5 Bridge Photo Cruise
Bill Maloney

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These shots were taken on a 2 River, 5 Bridge Photo cruise around Manhattan, NY on Saturday, July 19, 2014 hosted by Unique Photo camera store in Fairfield, NJ. The cruise ran from 4pm to 9pm and included bottled water and pizza on the pier in Hoboken sometime around 7. The pizza was really quite good. You could also buy beer, soda, and snacks in the main cabin. It was a relaxed safe environment where you felt you could leave your gear and walk around the boat knowing it would still be there when you came back.

Unique Photo instructor Michael Downey was our host, announcing points of interest and giving tips and advice to all who asked. Unique had 3 models on board to give us some experience shooting portraits against iconic backgrounds. The girls were good natured and very cute, and knew how to work it so that even a goofball like myself could make some decent portraits. Several Unique Photo staff members were on hand to give advice and keep us from falling overboard.

The boat, which was a chartered NY Waterway Ferry, took us upriver from Weehawken to the George Washington Bridge where we proceeded to take photos of the bridge, the models with the bridge, each other with the bridge, and ourselves shooting each other. We then headed downstream and around Manhattan island under the Brooklyn Bridge, where we may have taken some of the last photos of the unbleached American flags atop the towers before they were replaced with bleached white flags a few days later. From there we proceeded to the Manhattan Bridge followed by the Williamsburg Bridge. The boat idled around under each bridge and we had plenty of time to take photos and sightsee. The last bridge was I think the Verazzano Narrows Bridge, which we didn't get very close to.

After we disembarked at the end of the trip in Weehawken, a group of us headed out on an adjacent pier with our tripods to get some night shots of the NYC skyline. It was really spectacular, and the band 311 was playing across the river at Pier 97 on the Hudson River. I'd never heard them before but some of their work was pretty good and we could hear them quite well where we were.

The trip was a lot of fun. I'd really recommend it if Unique does it again.

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