Dey Mansion Revolutionary War Encampment, Wayne, NJ
Bill Maloney

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16CleanestDrawersOfTheBunch 17TheyEvenHadThePope 18StoolStew 19AuthenticSleepingColonials 20YouKnowLaceIsLessThanAMileFromHere
Cleanest Drawers Of The Bunch They Even Had The Pope! Stool Stew Authentic Sleeping Colonials You Know Lace Is Less Than An Hour's March From Here
21HayMakingDemonstration 22GeorgeNagsTheTroops 23MakingMoreHay 24MakingEvenMoreHay 25Suffregette
Hay Making Demonstration George Nags The Troops into a semi upright position Making More Hay Making Even More Hay Suffragette Preparing Flatulanticious Fare
26TheActivityIncreases 27TheDrawbackOfAVegetarianDiet 28GeorgeGetsAWhiffOfSomethingRevolutionary 29TheDeathThroesOfAGasAttackVictim  
The Activity Increases Fanning The Odoriferous Drawback Of A Vegetarian Diet George Gets A Whiff Of Something Revolutionary! The Death Throes Of A Gas Attack Victim


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