Dey Mansion Revolutionary War Encampment, Wayne, NJ
Bill Maloney

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01Tents 02Tents 03AwaitingThePublic 04TherellBeNoSexInTheCityForYouTonight 05WhatsThatGodAwfulNoise
Tents Preparing For The Afternoon's Pole Dancing Demonstration Awaiting The Public There'll Be No Sex In The City For YOU Tonight! What's That God Awful Noise?
06BruceBlows 07BruceBreathes 08NiceChair 09DrillPractice 10DeadColonial
Bruce Blows Bruce Breathes Nice Chair! Drill Practice Dead Colonial
11NiceShoes 12DidTheyHaveCheeriosBackThen 13TheresThatChairAgain 14RestingForBattle 15WhoFarted
Nice Shoes Did They Have Cheerios Back Then? There's That Chair Again Resting For Battle Who Farted?

Dey Mansion Museum, Wayne, NJ Revolutionary War Encampment Reenactment

Bruce and I worked together for years at AT&T labs in New Jersey. Bruce had invited me to a Revolutionary War Encampment reenactment at the Dey Mansion Museum in Wayne, New Jersey in October (doing reenactments is a hobby of his) and I came expecting marching and musketry and demonstrations of colonial living. I arrived early and instead was treated to belching and farting and comments about Bruce's bag pipe playing and other off color humor. The troops kept complaining about the chair of one guy not being a proper period piece. So whenever he got out of sight they'd put it in the fire and try to get it burning. Then he'd come back running and pull it out of the fire. These guys and gals have an awesome sense of humor and this short visit was the most fun and memorable Revolutionary or Civil War event or museum that I've ever been to.


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