USS Slater - Getting Towed Down the Hudson River 4/6/2014
Bill Maloney

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01USSSlaterUnderWay 02USSSlater 03DestroyerEscortUSSSlater 04USS_Slater
01 USS Slater Under Way 02 USS Slater 03 Destroyer Escort USS Slater 04 USS Slater and Tug Margot approaching the Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, NY
05USSSlater 06USSSlater 07USSSlaterCrew 08TugMargot
05 USS Slater 06 USS Slater 07 USS Slater Crew 08 Tug Boat Margot
09USS_Slater_Tug_Margot 10USSSlater 11USSSlater 12USSSlater
09 USS _Slater_and Tug Boat_Margot 10 USS Slater just after passing under the Walkway over the Hudson Bridge 11 USS Slater passing under the Newburgh - Beacon bridge 12 USS Slater

These photos of the USS Slater were shot on Sunday, April 6, 2014. The Slater was being towed down the Hudson river by two tugboats, one of which was the Tug Margot and the other wasn't. The pictures taken in good daylight were shot from The Walkway Over The Hudson bridge in Poughkeepsie, NY. There had been a doggie walkathon over the bridge that day and the bridge had been packed with people, although it had thinned out a bit by 5pm when DE-766 passed under the bridge. There were still so many people that with a long lens at between 400mm and 500mm the bridge was actually bouncing. Normally I would turn vibration reduction off when shooting from a tripod (this was a heavy sturdy tripod) but I had to keep VR ON in order to get a steady image. Pictures 11 onwards were taken from the public park on the waterfront in downtown Newburgh, NY. The sun was going down fast but fortunately the USS Slater arrived during the last few minutes of sunlight. It was a great day, and very exciting to know she was going to dry dock on Staten Island in preparation for hull repairs and painting that would make her seaworthy for another 50 years (hopefully).

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