Destroyer Escort USS Slater - Volunteers & Staff
Bill Maloney

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01SlaterMotorWhaleBoat 02MotorWhaleBoatVolunteer 03ErikOnDepthChargeLauncher 04DescalingPaint
01 Slater MotorWhale Boat 02 Motor Whale Boat Volunteer 03 Erik On Depth Charge Launcher 04 Earl Herchenroder Descaling Paint
05DescalingPaint 06DescalingPaint 07DescalingPaint 08DescalingPaint
05 Descaling Paint 06 Descaling Paint 07 Earl Descaling Paint 08 Earl Descaling Paint
09DescalingPaint 10USSSlaterVolunteer 11WeldingDeptChargeRacks 12WeldingDeptChargeRacks
09 Descaling Paint 10 USS Slater Volunteer 11 Bob Bareis Welding Dept Charge Racks 12 Dave Marden Supervises Bob Welding Dept Charge Racks
13EricDoesAMikeCheck 14CookingForTheCrew 15LooksGood 16TooManyCooks
13 Erik Does A Mike Check 14 Cheif Smith Cooking For The Crew 15 Looks Good 16 Too Many Cooks for Cheif Smith!

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