Destroyer Escort USS Slater - Mark 21 Three Inch Main Guns
Bill Maloney

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01ThreeInchMainGun 02Aft3InchGun 03Aft3InchGunMount 04ThreeInchGunBreech
01 Three Inch Main Gun 02 Aft 3 Inch Gun 03 Aft 3 Inch Gun Mount 04 Three Inch Gun Breech
05ThreeInchGunBreech 06ThreeInchGunBreech 07ThreeInchGunBore 08ThreeInchGunBore
05 Three Inch Gun Breech 06 Three Inch Gun Breech 07 Three Inch Gun Bore 08Three Inch Gun Bore
09ThreeInchBreechBlock 10ThreeInchGunSight 11ThreeInchGunSight 12ThreeInchGunSight
09 Three Inch Breech Block 10 Three Inch Gun Sight 11 Three Inch Gun Sight 12 Three Inch Gun Sight
13ThreeInchGunSight 14RangingComputer 15RangingComputer 16OpticalGunsight
13 Three Inch Gun Sight 14 Ranging Computer 15 Ranging Computer 16 Optical Gunsight

Mark 21 Three Inch Gun Mount

3 inch 50 caliber Mk21 gun mount Specifications:

Shell Weight : 13lbs
Shell Types: HE Fused AA, HE Radar Fused AA
Barrel Length: 150.25 inches
Muzzle Velocity: 2,650fps
Horizontal Range : 14,600yds
Vertical Anti Aircraft Range: 29,000 feet
Rate of Fire : 50 Rounds Per Minute Max
Gun Mount Weight: 7,345lbs

A single static Mark 21 Three Inch Gun Mount can be found at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park in Buffalo, NY

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