Destroyer Escort USS Slater - Motor Whale Boat
Bill Maloney

01USSSlaterMotorWhaleBoat 02MotorWhaleBoat 03MotorWhaleBoat 04MotorWhaleBoat
01 USS Slater Motor Whale Boat 02 Motor Whale Boat 03 Motor Whale Boat 04 Motor Whale Boat
05MotorWhaleBoat 06BowDetails 07SternDetails 08USSSlaterMotorWhaleBoat
05 Motor Whale Boat 06 Bow Details 07 Stern Details 08 USS Slater Motor Whale Boat

Yes, it looks great. But it didn't look great until recently. Have a look at a couple of before photos of the USS Slater's Motor Whale Boat to see what a first class job Tim Rizutto's volunteers have done on the boat.

Here's a Youtube video of Erik Collin and some USS Slater volunteers taking a ride on the Slater's Motor Whaleboat on the Hudson River.

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