Destroyer Escort USS Slater - Engine Room
Bill Maloney

01MainControlPanel 02MainControlPanel 03EngineOrderTelegraph 03MainControlPanel
01 Main Control Panel 02 Main Control Panel 03 Engine Order Telegraph 03 Main Control Panel
04EightCylinderGenerator 05EightCylinderGenerator 06EightCylinderGenerator 07V16MainEngine
04 Eight Cylinder Generator 05 Eight Cylinder Generator 06 Eight Cylinder Generator 07 V16 Main Engine
08ManualSteeringControls 09EngineRoomHatch    
08 Manual Steering Controls 09 Engine Room Hatch

To get an idea of the quality of work the USS Slater staff and volunteers do, have a look at some of the before photos of the Motor Main Control Panel. Then have a good look at these photos. Notice how carefully even the dials and detents have been detailed.

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