USS Slater - Dydock Repairs 2014 - Trip Home up the Hudson, April 30, 2014
Bill Maloney

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01USSSlaterInNYC 02USSSlaterInNYC 03USSSlaterInNYC 04USSSlaterInNYC
01 USS Slater DE-766 In NYC 02 USS Slater DE-766 In NYC 03 USS Slater In NYC 04 USS Slater In NYC on the Hudson River
05USSSlaterInNYC 06USSSlater 07USSSlaterInNYC 08USSSlaterInNYC
05 USS Slater In New York City 06 USS Slater heads north along the Hudson River 07 USS Slater In NYC 08 USS Slater In NYC
09WheresTheShip 10ChryslerBuilding 11EmpireStateBuilding 12EmpireStateBuilding
09 Where's The Ship? 10 Chrysler Building 11 Empire State Building 12 Empire State Building

On April 30, 2014, the World War II Destroyer Escort USS Slater left Claddell Drydock in Staten Island at around 5:30am under tow by the tug boats Frances and Margot of the New York State Marine Highway Transportation Company. The photos on these pages were taken as the USS Slater passed by Liberty State Park, the Overlook on the Palisades cliffs in Alpine, NJ, Croton On The Hudson park, and Plumb Point Park near Newburgh, NY on its way back home to Albany, NY.

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