USS Slater - Dydock Repairs 2014 - Ship Refloated - June 21
Bill Maloney

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13BillWettereauPaintingForward 14TimRizzuttoEnsignWilliamGregory 15BillWettereauRonPrest 16ThomasScianEdZajkowskiBillWettereauRonPrest
13 Bill Wettereau Painting Forward 14 Tim Rizzuto on the pier giving direction for superstructure camo painting to Ensign William Gregory 15 Bill Wettereau & Ron Prest 16 Thomas Scian, Ed Zajkowski, Bill Wettereau, & Ron Prest
17EnsignWilliamGregory 18RonPrest 19SlaterPainter 20ThomasScianUnmasks
17 Ensign William Gregory 18 Ron Prest touching up paint, port side aft 19 Slater Painter, starboard side forward 20 Thomas Scian Unmasks
21EnsignWilliamGregory 22EnsignWilliamGregoryEdZajkowski 23USSSlaterBow 24EdCuts
21 Ensign William Gregory paints the port side, forward 22 Ensign William Gregory paints the port side, forward & Ed Zajkowski 23 USS Slater Bow with drydock #6 in the background 24 Ed cuts port side, midships

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