USS Slater - Drydock Repairs 2014 - Post Media Blasting April 19
Bill Maloney

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25Keel 26Keel 27Keel 28Keel
25 Depth charge magazine C-305M 26 Depth charge magazine C-305M 27 Keel in C-305M 28 Rust along the Keel
29Keel 30Keel 31PropellerShaftHousing 32USSSlaterHullbottom
29 Rotted Frame 30 Keel 31 Propeller Shaft Housing stern tube 32 USS Slater Hull bottom
33USSSlaterHullBottom 34LayersOfBottomPaint 35PropellerShaftRopeGuards 36PropellerShaftRopeGuards
33 USS Slater Hull Bottom 34 Multiple Layers Of Bottom Paint 35 Propeller Shaft Rope Guards 36 Propeller Shaft Rope Guards

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