USS Slater - Drydock Repairs 2014 - Hull Media Blasted & Primed - May 17
Bill Maloney

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37TheLostHedgehogLocker 38FireWatch 39Hector 40BringingAngleIronAboard
37 The Lost Hedgehog Locker portside forward 38 Paco on Fire Watch While Doubler Plates Are Welded Along The Waterline 39 Hector guiding the portside bulwark being hoisted up to the deck 40 Julio and Paco Bringing Angle Iron Aboard
41BringingAngleIronAboard 42BringingAngleIronAboard 43BringingAngleIronAboard 44FillingHolesWithWeldingRod
41 Paco Bringing Angle Iron Aboard 42 Julio and Paco Bring Angle Iron Aboard With Steve Klauck 43 Julio & Paco fitting top rail on port side bulwark 44 Filling Welding Slots With Welding Rod
45Welders 46Welders 47Welders 48DoublerPlates
45 Welders Fredrico 46 Welders Fredrico 47 Welders Fredrico 48 Doubler Plates finished and painted in green epoxy primer

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