Destroyer Escort Slater - 20mm Oerlikon Anti Aircraft Guns
Bill Maloney

01TwentyMillimeterAntiAircr 02TwentyMillimenterOerlikon 03TheBusinessEnd 04Oerlikon
01 Twenty Millimeter Anti Aircraft Gun 02 Twenty Millimenter Oerlikon 03 The Business End of a 20mm 04 20mm Oerlikon
05Plaque 06TwentyMilMagazines 07TwentyMMMount 08TwentyMilMount
05 Plaque 06 20mm Oerlikon Magazines 07 20mm Oerlikon Mount 08 Twenty Mil Mount
09TwentyMilMount 10RearTwentyMilMount    
09 Twenty Mil Mount 10 Rear Twenty Mil Mount

USS Slater DE-766

20mm Oerlikon Cannon Specifications:

Bore: 20mm/70 Caliber
Shell Weight :
Shell Length: 7.18 inches
Shell Types: Anti Aircraft Hi Explosive & Armor Piercing
Horizontal Range : 4,800 yds (2.7 miles) at 40° elevation
Maximum Verticle Range: 10,000 feet at 90° elevation
Rate of Fire : 470 Rounds Per Minute
Ammo Drum Capacity: 60 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity: 2,700fps
Gun Weight: 150lbs (each gun)
Crew: 5
Number of Mounts:
6 Dual Mounts, 12 Guns Total
Entered US Service: 1942

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