Dad on The Slater, DE 766
Bill Maloney

01AtTheIntrepidMuseum 02Slaters3Guns 03DadAtTheMemorial 04TheSlater 05DadInFrontOfTheSub
At The Intrepid Museum Slaters 3" Guns Dad At The Memorial The Slater Dad In Front Of The Sub
06AnoterInFrontOfTheSub 07DadOn3GunMount 08Launch 09The40mmMount 10The40mmMount
Another In Front Of The Sub Dad On 3" Gun Mount Launch The 40mm Mount 40mm Mount
11TheViewAft 12The40mmMount 13Bridge 14The20mmMount 15DadNSlater
The View Aft 40mm Mount Bridge 20mm Mount Dad & Slater

I believe Ferd Heinis took most of these photos. Dad and Ferd volunteered to help with the restoration of the boat and spent days going into the city to help scrape and paint and do whatever was needed.

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