Pines Lake - 2007 - Shutting The Dam Siphon Valve
Bill Maloney

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01HollyNKenMakeTheirWay 02HollyMakesHerWay 03ValveCheck 04KenStartsTurning
01 Holly & Ken Make Their Way 02 Holly Makes Her Way to the Siphon Valve 03 Valve Check 04 Ken Starts Turning
05TheSprayGetsHigher 06AndHigher 07KenClosingTheValve 08AndHigher
05 The Spray Gets Higher 06 And Higher! 07 Ken Closing The Valve 08 And Higher!!
09AndHigher 10AndHigher 11Yeeeeaaaahhhh 12ThatsBetter
09 And Higher!!! 10 And Higher!!!! 11Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!!! 12 That's Better (and a Drier Vantage Point)!

On November 10 Ken Wallo and Holly Ryan shut the siphon valve that was being used to lower Pines Lake for dredging, bulkhead repairs, and weed control. I was positioned downstream of the valve as Ken closed the valve off. As Ken turned the valve wheel down lowering the valve plate, the velocity out the pipe got higher and higher til Ken was hosing me broadside at the waist. It was all I could do to keep from getting hosed off the rock I was on before I was able to get out of the line of fire.

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