Wright Museum - Harley Davidson U/UA Motorcycle
Bill Maloney

01HarleyDavidsonUUAMotorcycle 02HarleyDavidsonUUAMotorcycle 03HarleyDavidsonUUAMotorcycle 04HarleyDavidsonUUAMotorcycle
01 Harley Davidson U/UA Motorcycle 02 Harley Davidson U/UA Motorcycle 03 Harley Davidson U/UA Motorcycle 04 Harley Davidson U/UA Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Model U/UA US Army 74 SV Motorcycle Specifications:

US Army Harley Davidson Motorcycles at other Military Museums in the northeast
Harley Davidson WLA Motorcycle Harley Davidson Model 50 Scout Motorcycle
Harley Davidson WLA Motorcycle here at the Wright Museum Harley Davidson Model 50 Scout Motorcycle at the Militia Museum of NJ
  Harley Davidson WLA 42 Motorcycle
  A Harley Davidson WLA 42 Motorcycle at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY

Wheelbase: 57 inches
Crew: 1
Max Payload: 250lbs
Max Speed: 87mph
Range: 120 miles
Powerplant: 2 cylinder 74ci (1214cc) air cooled Gas Engine 45hp
Fuel Capacity: 3.5 gallons
Entered Service: 1940
Unit Cost: $

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