Wings of Eagles Museum - Ohka Cherry Blossom MXY7 Suicide Rocket Bomb
Bill Maloney

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01 Ohka Cherry Blossom Suicide Rocket Plane 02 Ohka MXY7 03 Ohka Cherry Blossom Suicide Rocket Plane 04 Ohka Cherry Blossom Suicide Rocket Plane
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13 Ohka Pitot Tube 14 Ohka Tail 15 Ohka Cherry Blossom Suicide Rocket 16 Ohka Cherry Blossom Suicide Rocket

Ohka Cherry Blossom Suicide Bomb Specifications:

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Length: 19feet, 10 inches
Wingspan: 16 feet, 9 inches
Height: 3 feet 9 inches
Max Speed: 576mph teminal dive speed
Glide Speed: 229mph
Range: 55 miles
Service Ceiling: Dependant on the mother ship
Fuel Capacity: N/A
Powerplant: Three Type 4 Mk. 3 solid propellant rocket motors with 1,464lbs total thrust
 2,646lb warhead
First Flight : 1944

This particular Ohka Cherry Blossom Rocket Bomb is an incredibly well made replica built by George Lucas of NY state. His workmanship and attention to detail is just outstanding. These aircraft were used by the Japanese Imperial forces as Kamikaze suicide planes. The Ohka would be carried under the wing of a Betty bomber to within 35 miles of the ship or ships to be attacked. The Cherry Blossom would be released and the Betty bomber returned to base. The Ohka pilot would then light one or more of the 3 solid propellant rocket motors to cover the rest of the distance to the target. The pilot would then dive the Ohka into the target at a very high speed, setting off the 2,646lb high explosive warhead in the nose of the aircraft. It is essentially a Smart Bomb with an expendible pilot providing the guidance to the target.

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