Wings of Eagles Museum - Heinkel HE-162 Salamander
Bill Maloney

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17HeinkelHE162Canopy 18RadioDirectionFinderLoop 19MG15120mmCannon 20JunkersJumo004BJetExhaust
17 Heinkel HE-162 Canopy 18 Radio Direction Finder Loop 19 MG151 20mm Cannon 20 Junkers Jumo 004B Jet Exhaust
21FuselageNotice 22HeinkelHE162Wingtip 23HeinkelHE162Fuselage 24HeinkelHE162Fuselage
21 Fuselage Notice 22 Heinkel HE-162 Wingtip 23 Heinkel HE-162 Fuselage 24 Heinkel HE-162 Fuselage
25HeinkelHE162Tail 26HeinkelHE162Tail 27HeinkelHE162Tail 28HeinkelHE162Tail
25 Heinkel HE-162 Tail 26 Heinkel HE-162 Tail 27 Heinkel HE-162 Tail 28 Heinkel HE-162 Tail
29ElevatorTrimTab 30HeinkelHE162Tail 31HeinkelHE162Flaps 32JunkersJumo004BJetExhaust
29 Elevator Trim Tab 30 Heinkel HE-162 Tail 31 Heinkel HE-162 Flaps 32 Junkers Jumo004B Jet Exhaust

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