Vintage Wings of Canada - Fairey Swordfish Mk III
Bill Maloney

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01FaireySwordfish 02FaireySwordfishMainGear 03FaireySwordfishStructuralTubing 04SwordfishCockpit
01 Fairey Swordfish 02 Fairey Swordfish Main Gear 03 Fairey Swordfish Structural Tubing 04 Swordfish Cockpit
05FaireySwordfishTail 06SwordfishGunnersPosition 07SwordfishFuselage 08SwordfishCockpit
05 Fairey Swordfish Tail 06 Swordfish Gunne'rs Position 07 Swordfish Fuselage 08 Swordfish Cockpit
09FaireySwordfishFoldingWings 10FaireySwordfishOilCooler 11FaireySwordfish 12FaireySwordfish
09 Fairey Swordfish Folding Wings 10 Fairey Swordfish Oil Cooler 11 Fairey Swordfish 12 Fairey Swordfish
13SwordfishBombersPosition 14SwordfishBombersPosition 15SwordfishBombersInstruments 16SwordfishBombersWindscreen
13 Swordfish Bomber's Position 14 Swordfish Bomber's Position 15 Swordfish Bomber's Instruments 16 Swordfish Bomber's Windscreen

Fairey Swordfish Specifications:

Fairey Swordfish
Another Fairey Swordfish can be found at the Canadian Aviation Museum

Length: 36 feet, 1 inch
Wingspan: 45 feet, 6 inches
Height: 12 feet 10 inches
Empty - 5,200lbs Takeoff - 9,200lbs
Max Speed: 138mph
Cruise Speed: 128mph
Range: 546 miles with full bomb load
Service Ceiling: 12,500 feet
Fuel Capacity: 200 gallons internally
Powerplant: Bristol Pegasus IIIM Air Cooled Radial Engine 690hp
 One .303 forward firing machine gun
 One .303 rearward firing trainable machine gun in the rear cockpit
 One 18 inch torpedo 1,610lbs or 1,500lbs of bombs & rockets under wing
First Flight : 1934

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